The “WOD Garage” was officially born!

For owner Graem Haarbye, the vision of owning a CrossFit box started off as more of a pipe dream than a reality back in 2011.  Since the earliest times in his career, Graem always envisioned himself an entrepreneur and gym owner but needed to fill in the blanks to be able to launch. At the beginning of 2012, he expanded his coaching and management experience at boxes around the Denver metro area, consulting with reputable big box owners. Approaching the final preparation stages, he came across an article on CrossFit.com that talked about bootstrapping a starter-box out of your own garage.  Graem decided to set himself up for success early on by focusing on the client rather than the head count. Graem transformed his Arvada, Colorado home garage into a meeting place where family, friends, neighbors and co-workers came to put in some serious work. The “WOD Garage” was officially born! Following eight years of experience in corporate wellness and personal training at other outlets, he gradually built his own clientele and fine tuned his coaching skills.

In less than twelve months following the launch of the “WOD Garage”, Graem acquired his CrossFit affiliation and opened CrossFit Profectus

As a testiment to the grace and comittment of his most “O.G.” of clients, in less than twelve months following the launch of the “WOD Garage”, Graem outgrew the garage, acquired his CrossFit affiliation and opened CrossFit Profectus. Graem gathered his troops, retired his membership waiting list and the tribe began to put in serious work at the new location. CFP was born as a no nonsense gym where you leave your ego at the door and bring your passion for improving each and every day.  It’s not only a place to train, it’s a place to become educated about human movement and how it relates to every day life.  Form and technique are never compromised by intensity because every workout is scalable up/down to accommodate novice to elite athletes. The objective of CrossFit Profectus is to take training to the next level with programs that include Olympic lifting, strength, endurance, gymnastics, strong man, mobility and much more.  Programming provided ensures that each athlete is multi-dimensional and proficient in all areas.  IT’S TIME TO TRAIN!!!