Barbell Club – Fortis Vita

Fortis Vita Barbell classes are currently suspended for COVID-19 precautions.  I will make an announcement via web and social media once we resume classes.  Thanks for your understanding.

Want to improve your Olympic lifts?

Fortis Vita – CrossFit Profectus’ premiere barbell club

A class for CFP-Member athletes wanting to focus on the Olympic Snatch and the Clean & Jerk

Points of focus

  • Receiving position
  • Depth – Breaking parallel – the “butt wink”
  • Speed under the bar
  • The “Dip and Drive”
  • Posture/Shoulder Position
  • The Shrug

Lead by the renowned weightlifter and USAW Sports Performance Coach Julie Bachman, this class is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (5:30-7:00 pm) to athletes who are proficient in these movements and looking to hone their skills.

Spaces are limited for each class to ensure proper coach-athlete contact. YOU want to improve, WE want to be right there when you need a cue!

**Please note: if no athletes are signed up one hour prior to class, there will no be class held.