Barbell Club – Fortis Vita

Fortis Vita will return in August.  Coach Julie is in training for USA Weightlifting’s 2019 Nike American Open Series II in Albuquerque, NM and is taking some time off from coaching.  Sign up sheets will return after the summer.

Want to improve your Olympic lifts?

Fortis Vita – CrossFit Profectus’ premiere barbell club

A class for CFP-Member athletes wanting to focus on the Olympic Snatch and the Clean & Jerk

Points of focus

  • Receiving position
  • Depth – Breaking parallel – the “butt wink”
  • Speed under the bar
  • The “Dip and Drive”
  • Posture/Shoulder Position
  • The Shrug

Lead by the renowned weightlifter and USAW Sports Performance Coach Julie Bachman, this class is offered Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings to athletes who are proficient in these movements and looking to hone their skills.

Spaces are limited for each class to ensure proper coach-athlete contact. YOU want to improve, WE want to be right there when you need a cue!