Birthday Shout – Chris H.

Happy birthday (4/9) to CFP member, Chris H.!

Chris is still really new to CF but he has been killing it over the past 3 months. We have seen vast improvements in his gymnastics and Olympic lifting. He came into CF with a good base of strength but has really put an emphasis on moving properly and efficiently and it has really shown. Chris has a wonderful personality and is as humble as they come. We’re very excited to have him as part of our community and we look forward to his bright future…


Birthday Shout – Stuart S.

Happy birthday (4/9) to CFP member, Stuart S.!

Stuart just recently moved from North Carolina to hit the slopes and make his home here in Colorado! From what we can tell so far, Stuart has a lot of potential as he posses good athleticism and adapts very well to coaching cues. We look forward to spending more birthdays with him in the future and we hope you had a great day…